When the News is Depressing

When I found out about the rainforest, the first thing I did was think about it long enough that I felt a hint of something. Then I researched it, found out facts, and then scrambled to find something--anything--that I could do. But what can I do about something far away that only the rich and powerful can influence?

Leaning on the Faith and Hope of Others

We are not made to find all of the answers in our own individual experiences. When we share stories, we pile hope into an already vast collection of shared hopes and triumphs--stories of faith and overcoming despite all of the reasons to despair.

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Does Meaningless Art Still Matter?

As a Christian, I have been raised believing that everything I do must have extraordinary purpose. In other words, everything is evangelism. One must do everything "for God," or "for evangelism." Maybe this is why the purpose of art is so difficult for me grasp. Where is the evangelism in fantasy?

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